Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, there are some home fixes you should be concerned with.

One of the biggest concerns revolve around safety, not whether the walls are freshly painted or not.  You should be concerned about the critical systems of the home and whether or not they are working properly, especially in older homes.  If your home has been around for a while then why not consider upgrading the home's essential systems like plumbing or electrical?

Electrical consumption has risen drastically over the last 10 years and many older home's electrical systems don't cope well with today's energy draining appliances and technology.  Years ago most homes had 1 TV, maybe 2 and the kitchen and laundry appliances.  Today's average family has 2 or 3 TV's and at least one computer plus larger capacity washer/dryers and a host of other electrical appliances.  Many older home's systems have difficulty coping with this increased drain on power.  This can cause power systems to short and electrical fires can happen.  Upgrading these vital areas is a great selling or buying point.

The same holds true for the plumbing system but for a different reason.  The stress on this system should be relatively the same that it has always been.  However, the years of moisture and use can cause pipes to degrade and when this happens, so do leaks.  Leaky pipes can cause any number of problems in the home including water damage and mold.

A new roof is a huge selling point.  If you install a new roof with a warranty, that is a fix you should be able to bank some extra profit on.  Keep in mind the safety concerns of the average buyer, in fact these are the same concerns you should have yourself when buying your new home.

Pickard Group-RE/Max Suburban.